The Stoned Age

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Stoned. felt like blogging. had nothing to write. Had a chat on my secret yahoo chat. This is how it goes. Oh and all ma hoes reading from down under unless you is sri lankan may not get this.. harima sorry. you might not get that either baaahahaha.
Oh and I’m SISSY in this chat. hehe no explanation for that. judge me all you want. *middle fingers judges*
Phebe Gallo (4:13 AM):  Hey U!
Sissy (4:14 AM):  hi
Phebe Gallo (4:14 AM):  Hello there.. My name is Jennifer.. Got ur ID through Messenger Directory 
Sissy (4:14 AM):  ok
Phebe Gallo (4:14 AM):  I love chatting with new people.. Would you like to chat today? Where are you from?
Sissy (4:14 AM):  fuck off cunt
Phebe Gallo (4:14 AM):  seriously? that’s your response? wow
Sissy (4:15 AM):  i wont fall for bots no more.. oh noooo.. oh nooooooo.. and we sing it again.. i wont fall for bots no moreeee
Phebe Gallo (4:15 AM):  Ok, now you really lost me?? bot???
Sissy (4:15 AM):  
Sissy (4:15 AM):  im stooooooooooooooned
Phebe Gallo (4:15 AM):  Nice Im 22 years old i’m going to school in Houston.. Can i ask you a question?
Sissy (4:15 AM):  ok
Phebe Gallo (4:16 AM):  Do you like big booty girls with big tits? lol seriously cuz thats what i am/have..Is that too much for you to handle?
Sissy (4:16 AM):  no im gay
Phebe Gallo (4:16 AM):  so yea i’m lonely would you like to have some kinky fun? Would you like to see me?
Sissy (4:16 AM):  and bi only for old fat grannies.. are u an old fat grannt?
Sissy (4:16 AM):  granny*
Phebe Gallo (4:16 AM):  ok but i have no pictures on my computer.. but i have a video camera connected 
Sissy (4:16 AM):  i want a fucking granny!
Phebe Gallo (4:16 AM):  ok let me set up my camera for you baby i hope your ready for some booty shots..
Sissy (4:16 AM):  i fucking gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay and im stooooooooooooooooooooooned
Sissy (4:17 AM):  u fucking bot!!!! hahah gotcha!
Phebe Gallo (4:17 AM):  lol ok goto and we can go 1 on 1 chat. Just click join at the top of the webpage.
Phebe Gallo (4:17 AM):  Like a transformer robot?? what the hell are u talking about?
Sissy (4:17 AM):  yea be my optimus prime bitch!
Phebe Gallo (4:17 AM):  make me your bitch 
Sissy (4:17 AM):  well not if i have to pay for it!
Phebe Gallo (4:17 AM):  trust me babe, I have been a member with mywebcamcrush for a long time and know exactly how the site works..u don’t have to pay if u accept my invite. I have a premium membership with them. click the yellow JOIN FREE button at the top of the page, its 100% free to join
Sissy (4:18 AM):  yea its ok
Phebe Gallo (4:18 AM):  Don’t worry baby its free to join this site all you have to do is register
Sissy (4:18 AM):  why dont u first tel me how big your tits are and then i’ll consider
Phebe Gallo (4:18 AM):  fill out your cc info baby for Age verification ONLY, your card will not be charged.. ok i’m ready for u now
Sissy (4:18 AM):  aaah palayan patta wesi yanna methana puka nodi!
Phebe Gallo (4:19 AM):  What color Panties do you think i should wear? i might have you favorite color here somewhere…
Sissy (4:19 AM):  hil thiyana jungiyak andagena dekata nawila pukata poroppayak gahaganin!!!
Phebe Gallo (4:19 AM):  invite is $0.00 age verification if sent by premium member and I have been a premium member for a long time now  click the yellow JOIN FREE button at the top of the page, its 100% free to join
Sissy (4:20 AM):  and once again i say booooooooooooooooooot!!!
Phebe Gallo (4:20 AM):  Ok, now you really lost me?? bot???
Sissy (4:20 AM):  uh huh
Phebe Gallo (4:20 AM):  I’ll do anything you want me to do.. Do you see me? I can’t chat with you on the site till you register 
Sissy (4:20 AM):  ohh too bad then
Sissy (4:20 AM):  let me tell u wat i want..
Sissy (4:21 AM):  ok this wat i want. bitch!
Phebe Gallo (4:21 AM):  Baby I’m So Horny right now! Do Whatever You have to, to get in! i’ll spank my ass till its red for u!!!
Phebe Gallo (4:21 AM):  make me your bitch 
Sissy (4:21 AM):
Sissy (4:21 AM):  mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Sissy (4:21 AM):  kohomada wal achchi!!!
Sissy (4:22 AM):  ane jennifer nangi oya joheda giye??
Sissy (4:22 AM):  wal hichchi, ko mage lassana wesi???
Sissy (4:22 AM):  aneeeeee
Sissy (4:22 AM):  mata puke arinna oney!!! mata puke arinna oneyyyyyyyy




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  1. * Chavie says:

    hahahahahahahaha 😀

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 8 months ago
  2. Epic!

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 8 months ago
  3. * low says:

    hai who his name jeniffer?

    | Reply Posted 7 years, 7 months ago

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